Original song “ONE CANDLE” written and performed by Academy Award® nominated composer J. RALPH and SIA for the feature documentary “Racing Extinction” by Oscar winning director Louie Psihoyos (The Cove). Co-Produced by Arthur Pingrey Ⓒ Ⓟ 2015 Rumor Mill Records.

The name of this project was inspired by the movie Racing Extinction. In this documentary film, there’s a graphic footage showing beautiful mantas being hunted in Lamakera - a central Indonesian village which used to be considered the world’s largest manta fishing site.

Villagers here have conducted traditional manta hunts for many generations, but with the emergencence of the gill-plate trade in the early 2000’s, the community changed to a full-scale commercial fishery, landing over a thousand mantas in a single season and sending the manta population into a downward spiral.

According to IUCN and other sources, Manta Ray is either a vulnerable or endangered species at the moment.

The harsh truth is, Manta is only 1 of many species that are being affected by human activities everyday. My hope was to use this project to raise people's awareness on these environmental issues.

I encourage you do some of the followings:

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